Founded in 1989 in Frankfurt, Germany, TheMagicTouch Company has since developed a complete range of speciality Transfer Printing Media for Colour Laser Copiers or Printers allowing to print full colour images onto an almost unlimited number of substrates and materials. The Media acts as an intermediate carrier to hold the Dry Toner Image printed by a Colour Laser Device then be released to its final product or substrate without any loss of Quality. Images printed via this method are of high resolution and durability. 

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T.ONE - 1 Step Self Weeding Transfer Paper for Light Fabric

The T.One is TheMagicTouch latest Transfer Technology. Single step process that leaves no coating fi..

TTC 3.1+ transfer onto light coloured fabrics

Special coated Transfer Paper for white or light coloured fabrics or fabric coated products such as ..

OBM 5.4 transfer onto dark coloured fabrics

The worlds first single step Transfer Paper for black or dark coloured fabric products such as T-Shi..

WoW 7.8 transfer onto dark coloured fabrics ( SELF WEEDING )

WoW 7.8 is a version of  WOW for use only with OKI C711WT ( Printer With WHITE Toner ). Designe..

CPM 6.2 transfer onto hard surface, non-fabric

One-step process coated transfer paper that works exclusively with colour laser printers a..

RST 9.1 - non fabric products and substrates with rough surface

Introducing RST9.1, the new paper for non-fabric products and substrates. Especially for more rough ..

DCT 4.5 waterslide decal

We are pleased to introduce new versions of the DCT 4.5 water release decal transfer paper compatibl..

Temporary Tattoo

New temporary tattoo media combines elements of fun and excitement for all age groups. The wate..

KURZ Textile Foil

Textile foil is work well with TheMagicTouch WoW7.8 and T.One transfer Media. Print your i..